Earth Day: What are we really celebrating?

Earth Day is an annual event to show our support for the environment.  Even though Earth Day is a time to celebrate and appreciate, it is also a time to reflect and start thinking! Our environment has been disturbed in many ways:

Climate Change

Excessive amount of greenhouse gases have released carbon dioxide and methane. These gases have trapped heat and raised Earth’s temperature by 1.5 degrees in the past century. Ice is melting worldwide, especially at the Earth’s poles. This includes mountain glaciers, ice sheets covering West Antarctica and Greenland, and Arctic sea ice. As a result, there have been changes in weather and climate, causing more floods, storms, and droughts. People are turning to carbon sequestration and methane removal methods since the problem is becoming worse.

The trouble with climate change- not only do we harm ourselves, but we must consider the creatures around us too! Source: Vocativ

Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the deadliest environmental problems for humans. It has become a problem especially in China and India. For example, a British entrepreneur Leo De Watts has made thousands of dollars by selling bottles of fresh air at $115 per bottle. People also have to wear masks on their face to keep them from breathing the harmful air. Most of this pollution comes from dirty fossil fuels, such as coal.

Entrepreneur Leo de Watts is making a lot of money by selling air to people around the world. Is this what it has come to? Source:

Land Degradation

Approximately 17% of the Amazon Rainforest has been cut down in the last 50 years. Land degradation happens for many reason but the outcome is a damaged ecosystem. Illegal loggers have have also been abusing mother nature. For this reason, people are situating recycled smartphone into trees that can send signals to environmental agencies if there is illegal logging happening nearby.

It is vital to preserve our riparian ecosystems and contemplate ways on how to protect nature! Please feel free to share any thoughts or ideas you might have as to how we can fix this problem, I’d love to hear it 🙂

–Sajni Vederey


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