The universe is unevenly dense?

Cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation presents a map of the blackbody thermal radiation remnants of the Big Bang. Check out this attached image of the CMB:


Looks like some prehistoric depiction of the Earth, right? Odd to think of our universe shaped in this way. What I think is important to note is that the different colors represent different thermal gradients at different times, which indicates uneven inflation pre Planck Era (i.e. before 10^-43 s after the Big Bang). Perhaps more importantly, this CMB radiation map is also a representation of the quantum world: “quantum fluctuations in the inflation field on the subatomic scale get blown up to astrophysical size.” This notion is akin to one brought upon earlier- that spacetime can somehow by explained by an quantum entangled enclosure.

Physicists theorize that early in the formation of the universe, there actually existed equal parts matter and antimatter, and that eventually matter dominated because of a slight excess- say one extra quark for every billion antiquarks. This imbalance could have once again led to the map we see above. But perhaps more importantly, it could lead to the multiverse theory posited in the previous post, with a slight twist. This time, inflation could potentially have occurred repeatedly- i.e. infinitely many times to create nonconnected regions.

The big takeaway- the multiverse theory doesn’t seem too far-fetched and perhaps could explain some anomalies found in our own universe.


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