Understanding space-time from a quantum perspective

I never knew that quantum entanglement also provides the ‘glue’ for space-time! This article nicely explains how an entanglement field provides an enclosure for a 3D bulk space-time, which means that even gravity can be explained by entanglement! Perhaps the coolest conclusion from this article is from renowned black hole theorist Leonard Susskind: “Computational complexity [number of steps required to construct a quantum state] may drive the growth of space — and thus bring in the elusive element of time.” This is also theorized to predict the growth of the interior of a black hole, which, yes, could eventually lead to wormholes. So Interstellar’s idea of having a man travel across space and time and ‘controlling’ events in another space aren’t too far off- with two independent entangled fields, time and fundamental forces can also be affected by controlling the state in one of the fields!

Quantum source of space-time


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