Status of Mars’ Atmosphere

This leads me to believe that perhaps Mars, at one time, had a stronger atmosphere that was able to sustain oxygen, and yes, water vapor. Ah, if only asteroids didn’t collide with you to decrease your overall size, our dear neighbor. With a stronger gravitational field, Mars would have potentially not lost “100g of its atmosphere every second.” Unrelated, but I’d like to point out that even Pluto has an atmosphere- it literally melts when it nears the Sun, but refreezes when it slings back out into the Kuiper Belt. Fun stuff 🙂 Mars loses 100g atmosphere/s


2 thoughts on “Status of Mars’ Atmosphere

  1. My wishful thinking: At some point, when Earth was still boiling and going through its primordial stages, Mars may actually have been developed with an atmosphere, water, and a civilization! Billions of years are plenty of time for these things to happen, and it’s possible that our neighbors took off in search of new home worlds or new places and their old planet was blasted with asteroids and now totally uninhabitable. There’s no evidence for or against this, but I think it’d be super cool if this happened. B-)


    1. Certainly an interesting idea! I would like to point out the Urey-Miller experiment of 1957 Urey-Miller Experiment that found that primary amino acids were formed from lightning striking the turbulent gases (ammonia, water vapor, methane, and hydrogen) in the young Earth (ca 4 billion years ago) that forms the larger “primordial-soup theory.” Essentially early life was developed from the amino acids that emerged from the hot atmosphere. Early life that formed was most under symbiosis, so advanced neural function didn’t emerge right away. That being said, we can never claim to know the happenings across the universe, so… an idea not to rule out 🙂


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