First Post!

Dear friends,

I was first inspired to form #sciencefriday to dedicate one day of the week to thinking about something else, something I’m passionate about. When one scrolls through the news these days, he/she finds more and more news about the next ludicrous Republican presidential candidate or, more unfortunate, about the next shooting that has occurred somewhere in the world. I wanted to take one day to ignore this external ‘noise’ and hopefully share with you all things that I find interesting. This process works both ways- by sharing with you the ongoing scientific discoveries, I also become enriched in the subject from taking the time to learn about the science behind how the idea works. I also find that this gives me a positive energy boost during the week to stay motivated and focused.

#sciencefriday started from a series of Facebook posts on Black Friday of Thanksgiving, 2015. I really caught onto the idea- not because of the likes I got on the posts (which were a lot, btw!)- but because of how happy it made me feel. I realized quickly, however, that instead of destroying my friends’ News Feeds, I should perhaps move these discoveries to one specific site. Hence this site was born. I hope you enjoy! And please, please feel free to give me feedback on articles/start discussions/etc 🙂


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